Go Bottle-less!

In lieu of having 5-gallon bottles delivered or purchasing bottled water, we offer bottle-less drinking water systems installed onsite.


Systems are customized to provide a constant supply of purified drinking water on demand, every time you need it.  No more running out of water and having to wait for the next delivery or store run.  


Local businesses are finding savings on an average of 35% in their monthly drinking water expenses.  Our FIXED monthly fee includes all service visits filter changes and maintenance.  No hidden fees or spikes in spending.  


Commercial clients receive full service support - a standard we pride ourselves in above the competition.  We show up every 3 months to perform water tests, clean and sanitize systems and change filters if need be.  Our on-island service team is responsive and accessible. Keeping your filtration systems serviced and sanitized often reduces illnesses by ensuring that there is no build up of unwanted bacteria, viruses or microorganisms.


Your crew will thank you!  No more hauling, lifting, injuries and spills associated with heavy 5 gallon bottles.  No need for storage or scheduling deliveries. 


Purchasing bottled water - single use plastics or 5 gallon delivery is  environmentally irresponsible, especially here in Hawai’i.  Let us help you do your part to reduce the negative impact on our environment.  Together we will lessen the amount of plastics in landfills, our oceans and lessen emissions due to commercial deliveries. 

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We love our customers! Let's connect to see how we can best serve your ice and/or water needs. All of our projects beginw ith a free onsite consultation.

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We are Seth & Sarah Cravalho, owners of Island Ice and Water Company. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a consistent product, while being able to connect with our communities and give back.
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We love our customers! Let's connect to see how we can best serve your ice and/or water needs. All of our projects begin with a free onsite consultation.

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